Coaching Options

Individual Training

With a strong understanding of where you sit physically, we can create a quality program design will benefit them for years to come. I will take you through the as ane model of Body, Move, and Work to help you recognize where the most focus needs to be placed into your  program today and into the future. After the initial assessment I will prescribe a program specific to your needs and abilities. During our sessions we will continue to progress as you become a stronger version of yourself.  I offer this service in person and online.

Yoga and Meditation

Whether you are looking to understand the basics of yoga or meditation, I can tailor your practice to benefit your specific needs.  You can do this privately to deepen your own practice or invite friends and family to join you on your mat. Sessions are designed to meet your experience and comfort level.   

Contact me today to find out how we can work together to accomplish all of your fitness goals.