Program Design is Magical

What is the ‘secret’ to getting success in the gym?

A carefully, well-designed progressive program.

Program design must be a living and breathing plan that progresses or regresses as you move through your journey of fitness.  This is why at Osterville Fitness we ask, "What's Your Journey?"

When your program misses the mark, your progress stops; but when your program is spot on, the results and excitement can build for a very long time. As I go through the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) I am constantly amazed at how successful programming is truly an art form.  

 Below I have my biggest take aways about Program Design from Coach James FitzGerald, the owner and founder of OPEX fitness. 

1.) Collect data - Performing a series of baseline fitness assessments will let you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and also show program that you make along the way.  

2.) Goal Setting - Know your "Why" - The why will keep you motivated and will guide you to where you want to go.  Your programming should allow progressions toward improvement and not be just random 'intense' workouts thrown together.  

3.) Program Design - writing out a weekly/monthly template that tie in goals, priorities, and limitations. The program should get you closer to your goals with a long-term progression in mind.  

4.) Tracking Progress-  Workouts progress based on your adaptation.  Stop wishing for change and start to experience it.


Program Design is where the true magic lies.

Want to gain more awareness or guidance in designing an effective program?

Join Bobby Scott  on January 14th at Osterville Fitness for a workshop on Program Design.  More details to come :)