The definition of a priority is something important in our lives that needs to get done.  We may want to make exercise a priority but our actions may not mirror those good intentions.

 If you want to see where your priorities are the best place to look is your behavior.  Your behavior dictates your priorities.  Of course our priorities change as we go through different phases of our lives, but what I am asking you to look at is; what are your priorities in life right now? Is there a disconnect between what you want them to be and what they actually are?

Every day we are gifted 24 hours and how we spend those 24 hours can give us a lot of insight into what we are putting as number one in our life.  Take a minute and ask yourself; What are the three things that take up most of your time in a single day? Consider that those three things are your priorities right now.  Health may not always be your number one priority and that is ok.  Maybe it is your family, career or leisure time. Whatever it is just be honest with yourself.  Once you can be responsible and accept where you are then you have the power to change your direction or stay the course!   

When I took an honest look at my life I saw where I could change for the better. I acknowledged my current priorities and set to make changes.  I can see how things that have changed for the better but also saw great opportunity for growth.  It is important to be proud of where you are and use that as motivation to move forward!

Here are some questions to ask yourself from James Fitzgerald's Opex Certification Program that will show you what your priorities in life!  I recommend printing these questions out and giving three answers to each question! 

1.) What do you consider to be your personal space and what is common to all of those spaces?


2.) You have 24 hours in a day, how do you spend your time?


3.) What are you doing when you feel the most energized and alive?


4.) Where are you most organized?


5.) What engages you and captures your attention the most?  Where can you always be relied on ?


6.) What goals have you set that show signs they are coming true?


7.) What do you love talking to other people about?


Your top 3 answers to these questions will give you a lot of insight into what your priorities are right now!  If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!


Yours in health,