Why Have a Coach?

What is a coach?  A coach is a qualified professional who will guide you to reaching your fullest potential.   A coach sets a structure and an ongoing process that intends to improve performance.  


A coach may come in many different forms.  We often think of sports coaches but there are also business coaches, personal or life coaches, career coaches and many more.  If there is an area of life you would like to see improvement, I guarantee there is a coach for it.     

Recently, I completed Landmark Worldwide's curriculum and one of the main concepts that I took away was the importance of a having a coach and being coachable.   Being coachable is the ability to be open minded with other people's points of view, to be corrected and then be able to act on the correction.  

There are many reasons to work with a coach.  A coach will give you...

1.) Structure    2.) Accountability   3.) Knowledge  4.) Feedback

Without question, having a coach is the best thing that ever happened to me.  

I achieved results in my training and created consistency in my life. I thought I was consistent and training intensely before. And I was for someone training on their own. 

Having a coach brings the intensity to a whole new level.  The coach gets to do the hard part: the thinking.  Being coached is liberating.  Just show up, do as your told, and do your best.


When I was training alone, I still had to think. And because I was splitting my attention between thinking and training, there was just no way I could focus all of my attention on training. I was also unable to see myself objectively therefor there were a lot of blindspots in my training.

Now the only thing I focus on was doing my best at each session. Now I can just focus on each exercise, set, and rep.  It becomes my meditation and I don't have to think for an hour.  

 I believe everyone can benefit from coaching. Just by entering into a coaching/student relationship brings immediate benefits, and allows the person being coached to see progress and achieve results.

If you have a coach, have faith in the process and in your coach. Sometimes the benefits of change are only obvious after they occur.  

"More opportunities come to those who are willing to be taught." -Eric Mussleman


Yours in health,