Healthy Habits

 If someone is looking for training, the process always begins with a consultation. The consultation is essentially life coaching. Looking at the lifestyle you are living and the habits that maybe harmful to your health. In order to make change, what is not working needs to be addressed.  Often times this can be the hardest part because we have to be honest.  Honesty with yourself and others is key to making change.  Once we look at where we are, we can start the goal setting process.

I love to set goals with other people and myself. I am a dreamer and love to put my aspirations down on paper with a date.  In my experience putting a date next to a goal makes it real.  You are committing to something that will take something from you in order to achieve it.  Setting a goal to do a 5K is one thing but signing up for one in August is another. 

You do not need to change overnight.  Actually I am recommending you don't.  Most importantly, commit to your goals daily. One of the biggest problems is when we want to skip the basics.  Everyone wants to set goals and have the results but not actually do anything to get there.  It is easy to forget the people we aspire to be like have put years into their goals. No steps were skipped.  Worry, regret and blame are a waste of our time and energy.  Taking responsibility leaves you empowered to change.  

Goals vary from person to person but what does not vary is that in order to achieve something greater there must be a daily commitment. If you have struggled with habit change (we all have).  In the beginning we tend to bite off more than we can chew.  For example, "I am going to eat 100% clean, run 5 miles a day and exercise 6x a week."  After a week of completing this new schedule what usually happens is the realization that we don't have time to prep meals, run 5 miles or even exercise, so then what's the point?…  Welcome back to square one.  

We are conditioned for instant gratification and we expect our goals to be the same way.  Break the cycle by starting small.  It took years to get where we are and it may take years to achieve certain goals.  Here is the secret:  

  • Get honest- what are you doing that is not working, your usual excuses, ect.
  •  Set a goal - put a date next to it and Do something everyday to get you closer
  • Build momentum – as you start to form new habits, slowly expand and build momentum with each success
  • Take responsibility – do what you need to to keep yourself accountable through the first few weeks.  Make the pain of skipping your habit more painful than actually spending the 5-15 minutes doing it!

The goal I have currently set for myself is to do a seated meditation 10 minutes a day.  I had to go through the above process.  I got honest with myself that laying in my bed napping was not meditating.  I set the goal for 10 minutes because 20 minutes would not be sustainable for me.  I began with 5 minutes and built off that by adding a minute each week.  I have made a commitment to a friend that if I skip a day I owe them $20.   I have had success and am reaping the benefits of starting my day in silence.  

Take some time today and think of some goals you would like to achieve.  Why aren't you achieving them?  What can you do today that will get you one step closer?


Yours in health,