Know Your WHY

It has officially been a year from my initial assessment with Bobby Scott at Osterville Fitness.  A full year of training under my belt and this week we are dedicating to re-testing.  This year I have learned so much from Bobby and am grateful he was willing to test, train and coach me.  Now comes a time to take a deep breath and reflect on the year.  I have learned about my strengths, weaknesses and how important it is to show up consistently.   My main take away from this experience has been to know your WHY.

What is your Why? 

It is the Why behind the What.  The consultation and assessment process is vital to program going forward to align training and programming with personal goals.  Do you know why you do the exercises you do whether you are on your own or with a personal trainer? 

The continual need for the "next and newest" challenge contributes to the notion that one's individual progress is not enough.  You do not need to compare or compete against others.

Ask yourself what is your why for doing this thing called fitness?  You will find greatercommitment from yourself when your training is aligned with your best interests and not just what you heard you should be doing.  It is worth the time and effort to discover your Why. 

Ask yourself:

"Why do I do the things I do?"

"What drives me to exercise?"

Your answers will give you the answer to if you are truly committed.  Your goals will be executed and bring results when you know your reasons why. If you are constantly looking for what is the easy route than will show up in your results.  You want to know the driving forces in your life. 


Yours in health,