Celebrate or Sabotage

What is the point of hard work if you never take the time to celebrate your success?  After you set a goal, don't forget to determine how you will celebrate along the way and after it is accomplished!

 Anything that does not happen instantly is a mindset challenge. We can be inspired by the journey or worry about how far we have to go.  This is the distinction between celebrating or sabotaging. 

The energy we carry is largely a choice and we need to be extremely conscious when things begin to get difficult.  Celebrate or sabotage. Two perspectives with two very different energies.

What do you feed yourself in your head on the journey? 

As we go through the process to our goal, what goes on mentally is EVERYTHING!

We can't expect to be perfect, but we can remember how capable we are and how much we have accomplished in the past. We will never be good enough until we can accept where we are now.  

Begin to celebrate right away.  Be excited you showed up, that you did your best.  Train your mind to love the process.  

A way to practice this is to start a gratitude journal and focus on the areas of life that are more difficult and how you can be grateful for the challenges.


It is important to understand that challenges do come up quite frequently, and so it is not a question of if they will come up but how we will deal with challenges.  The longer the list of things that challenge us, the more opportunity to grow as a person.

If there is a feeling of fear or overwhelm this just means we have a choice to grow or to cower to our fear.  A simple way to deal with feelings of fear and overwhelm is to focus on the process and the effort you put in rather than the end result.

If there is doubt, choke it out.  If we begin to beat ourselves up because we can't do something we are self sabotaging and it will become that much harder to show up.  

Our success is determined by showing up and doing our best over and over. Can we train ourselves to show up fully and 100% of the time?  The quicker we tap into the state, the quicker we can make leaps in our progress.  We are 20% stronger when we are in a positive mindset.

In my training and yoga practice I focus on building a resilient mindset as well as body. If you are interested in learning more about working with me contact me at nchamberlaintraining@gmail.com

Yours in health,